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My Future

Year 9 students may wish to explore the My Future Website to explore their Careers. This webpage requires you to enter your school email to subscribe.

Casual Work and Volunteering

If you are interested in applying for Casual Work or volunteering you may find suitable opportunities on the Careers Webpage newsletter Week 10. See following link: 


Work Experience Opportunity for Girls in IT

Program dates:   
19th March – 23rd March 2018   
4th June - 8th June 2018   
27th August - 31st August 2018   
19th November - 23rd November 2018 


See Mr. Baird for details

UMAT Information for Future Medical Students

Are you currently studying in years 10
Are you considering a career in medicine, dentistry, or optometry?
The National Institute of Education (NIE) is proud to present the free information seminar all about UMAT and the undegraduate pathways into medicine and some other health science programs.

The Certificate of Currency

The Certificate of Currency can be found here and is updated on the Work Experience page. It should work now.