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Parent Career Tip #1

Parent Career Tip #1

Imagining Their Future - Careers Tips for Parents #1


There are two main sites that will contain information that pertains Careers and dThese sites can be found on the following links and will continue to dynamically change to provide our community with updated Careers Information and opportunities.


The Ponds Career webpage is an excellent tool for sourcing customised information about career opportunities at the school and in our community.

There were two separate ways of exploring Careers on this webpage:

  1. The first can be found in the widget at the Left Bottom of the homepage or with this link: This enables students to explore their careers by subjects of interest.
  2. The Second way that future careers can be explored can be found in the Drop down menu under ‘For Students’ at the top of the page: For Students/Job and Career Information/Job/Career Info Search, or you can simply follow this link: This enables parents and students to explore careers in detail including: Job prospects; Money Earned; Tasks; Work Environment; Interests; Skills; Values; Courses; and Video.

The Bullseye Charts help with refining the search and Job and Career Information can provide the detail necessary to start to ‘imagine their future’ in a particular area. The link for this can be found on the home page. It allows students to explore their future in relation to subjects of interest. This includes course choices beyond school and the ‘assumed knowledge,’ necessary for these futures. Assumed knowledge does not mean prerequisite but, without it, most students would struggle to succeed at University. It is ill-advised to do a course that has assumed knowledge without having this knowledge or doing a bridging course.


N.B. If unsure about anything please have a conversation with Mr. Baird (Careers Adviser).


Most importantly, the Job and Career Information can allow parents and their children to have a robust conversation and start to plan for future subject choices in Year 10 that will help them to achieve their aspirations.


There is a lot more on the webpage not discussed last night due to time constraints. If parents would like to have a PACTS (Parents as Career Transition Support) session with me I could provide them with the tools to support the robust discussions they may already be having with their children.These sessions would take 60-90 minutes, in small groups of 20-30, at a time that would suit.


To express interest in PACTS please email me on the address below.


Don’t forget to Follow/like the Careers Facebook page and check the newsletter and webpage regularly for new opportunities.



Kind Regards,


Greg Baird

Careers Adviser - The Ponds High School

Communications Officer Careers Advisers Association

work: (02) 9626 3562