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Careers Education at The Ponds High School is concerned with the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes through a planned program of learning experiences.  This program will assist students to make informed decisions about school and post-school education, training and employment options and participation in the community.




Career development is a life-long process.  It involves developing work values, establishing a vocational identity, learning about career opportunities, and trying out plans in all sorts of work situations. 


The Careers Adviser is available to assist students with these processes, and to assist them in making sound vocational choices so that students leaving school would be in a better position to enter into an occupation and to enable them to forge a career that will likely be varied and self-generating.


The Career Education Program at TPHS attempts to foster the career development of students by encouraging them to develop an awareness of themselves, to take a realistic approach to decision-making, and to investigate as many career options as possible.  The Career Education Program is not just a program of lessons, but a collection of activities intended to stimulate students to explore and investigate and to make career decisions based on sound research and experimentation.





  • to learn about themselves in relation to work e.g. interests, abilities, values, physical characteristics, personality;


  • to understand about the world of work and its changing nature 

e.g. organisation and structure, employer expectations, workplace

conditions and practices;


  • to have knowledge, skills and attitudes which enable them to make career

plans and decisions e.g. types of decisions, significant influences, evaluation of consequences;


  • to have knowledge and skills to implement career decisions and manage

career transitions e.g. job getting and keeping skills, post-school education

and training application procedures, exit plans and pathway options.








    Stage 5 - all students undertake "Vocational Education" throughout Year 10.  Students have fortnightly lessons. This will be about twenty lessons throughout the year. 

    Stage 6 - lessons and group seminars given as the need arises - withdrawn from various subject areas.


Careers lessons comprise a relatively large and important part of the Career Education Program at TPHS.  All lessons are taught by a qualified Careers Adviser (1.0 Careers allocation in 2018). The Careers Room for 2018 will be in D.G.16. All students are welcome to make a booking to see the Careers Adviser.


The Program is designed to meet the special needs of students at TPHS where the vast majority of Year 10 will continue to Senior Studies and more than 80% of students, are anticipated to complete the HSC and continue to university.


The Careers Adviser completes a School Report for all Stage 5 students at the completion of their unit of ‘Vocational Education.’ There will be a variety of assignments throughout the year, the most important being their Work Experience Assignment which will include an assessment by the workplace supervisor and the submission of the Work Readiness Module; the completion of My Daily Reflection Work Experience Journal; and the Post Work Experience Reflection.




Year 10 - all students in Years 10 able to participate in Work Experience on an ‘Individual Release’ basis.  Students may negotiate a placement at any time of the year that is convenient to the student, the school and the employer. All students must participate in work experience for at least five working days. Students should do this work experience in an area of future aspiration rather than working in an existing casual position.


Students studying TVET may do their Work Experience as a Work Placement. There is no need for a second experience.




Individual counselling is done with students in Year 12 during Terms 1, 2 and 3 to discuss exit plans and pathway options, and to assist with application procedures for courses and employment.


Interviews are provided to other students and parents on demand. Such a request may be prompted by the students themselves, their parents, the Principal or any other member of staff (especially HT Welfare, HT’s Stage, and Counsellor). Students may self-refer at recess or lunch break. If students want an appointment at another time they may complete an interview request form and an appointment will be booked.




A regular series of guest speakers will be organised throughout the year both in various faculties to link to curriculum imperatives and at lunch time e.g. Defence forces, universities, TAFE, private colleges, police, scholarship program options, etc.




All Year 10 students will attend the Western Sydney Careers Expo in June where research about careers and courses will be possible with employers, universities, TAFE, government agencies, other RTOs.


6. Future Careers Expos: Year 11 will attend a Career Expo at Bankstown WSU and YEAR 12 will attend the CTHS CAREERS NIGHT


The idea of attending expos is to provide opportunities to engage with tertiary providers so that students can imagine their futures and ask pertinent questions to tertiary providers in areas of choice.




A variety of excursions are organised for small groups, generally from Years 10 and 11. Students are actively encouraged to attend Open Days at tertiary institutions.


A variety of seminars organised by tertiary institutions and professional associations are advertised throughout the year, with senior students encouraged to attend.




A variety of up-to-date Careers information is maintained and available for the use of students and staff in the Careers Room (D.G.16). The Careers Adviser is in the Careers Room at all lunch times (except Thursdays - sport day), and is available in the HSIE Staff Room at all recess times.                                




As parents have a great influence on their children’s career planning and decisions, it is important that they be involved in the Program wherever possible. Such involvement would include: informing parents about Careers activities through circulars and news bulletins, encouraging their participation in Work Experience Programs at all relevant levels, encouraging their contact with the Careers Advisers regarding advice and assistance.


The local community is also a most valuable resource that may be involved in a Program through work experience placements, guest speakers, sponsorship and excursions. Careers Education can help considerably in integrating the school with its local community.




The Careers Adviser has a variety of areas of responsibility in 2018 that complement the role of Careers Adviser, including coordination of TPHS students involved in TAFE VET courses at Nirimba, Mt. Druitt, Baulkham Hills, Hornsby, Meadowbank, and Ryde Colleges of TAFE.




The Careers Adviser at TPHS in 2018 is:


  • Greg Baird